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Mini GPS Key Finder

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Never lose your way or your keys again with this nifty Mini GPS Key Finder!

receptor: L1Type, C / A Code
the capture channel: 51
tracking channels: 14
maximum refresh rate: 10Hz
screen pixel width * height 128x64 dot matrix
Size: 65mm x 52mm x 21mm
Weight: 39.6g (with battery)
Memory: 512KB
Key: 3 function keys
Location: 10 m (support system correction area up to 2 meters apart)
speed: 0.1 m / s
initial positioning time:
Hot Start: 5 seconds
Hot Start: 40 seconds
Cold Start: 2 Minutes
sensitivity: -161dBm tracking / re capture -157dBm / -148dBm
Data Protocol: NMEA-0183 v3.01
supply voltage: USB DC 5 V / 3.7 V 390 Ma lithium battery built
operating time: about 6 hours

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