Clearance Hand Controlling Mini Sewing Machine-Rama Deals
Clearance Hand Controlling Mini Sewing Machine-Rama Deals
Clearance Hand Controlling Mini Sewing Machine-Rama Deals
Clearance Hand Controlling Mini Sewing Machine-Rama Deals

Clearance Hand Controlling Mini Sewing Machine

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  • Material: plastic + metal
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Size: 11*3*7.5 cm


1. Hold: Hold the machine with the right hand seat four fingers, the thumb naturally on the top of the fuselage cover, steadily hold of the machine.
2. Threading: the line on the spool gently pull through the lead, then introduced cramping flap, and then through the lead coil. Lead over temporarily placed next thread the needle, and the other from the front of the needle threader (to the body coupling portion) through the needle hole, then thread the needle threader holes in the introduction and exit threading Pull the head line of about 2 -3 cm pressure line board pressed to stand
3. Put cloth: Lift the load plate with his right index finger, will be ready to be sewn fabric (thickness of not more than 0.8 mm) flatly placed under the platen, press and hold the fabric gently back plate;
4. Sewing operations: with his left hand holding the fabric, right thumb gently rapidly under the pressure of the pressure in the end after the top cover, and then under the pressure of the thumb, and so forth, the feed mechanism will automatically be sent to the left seam thereof. Gradually to the right hand held machine, sewing rhythm with his left hand gently holding cloth is sewn object is moved to the left until the end of sewing;
5. End: End sewing, cut the thread with scissors and gently pull the plate remove the fabric. It is sewn fabric tails, pull out the last section of the thread, making it through into the next inner section of coil taut and tie a knot, pin it firmly, and the end of the sewing fabric from Never to deadlift way to pull the break head, so as not to pull bad machine needles, pins;
6. The function of automatic pin into the fabric and adjust the tension between, but it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:
A. Pin too tight, the pressure adjusting nut slightly counterclockwise;
B. Stitch too loose, the pressure adjusting nut slightly clockwise;
The Department of the correct stitch tension. To pin a little bigger, a little faster to the left Labrador. To close a number of pins, left Raab may be slower;
7. Change line group; such as swap lines with a large group, you can pick an alternate pole and the spool shaft, set into a large coil. The spare plastic caps on the ends of the rod of the fixed big line group, and then re-stringing, sewing thread after adjusting tightness; 50 # -90 # cotton or synthetic line works best.
8. Needle exchange: loosen the fixing screws, remove the needle. Shown fitted new needle, pay attention to the needle flat face being fixed screws, can not hold against.

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