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Ornamental Peppers are varieties that are just plain beautiful. In their maturation process, the pepper pods showcase a rainbow of colors . While ornamental pepper plants are often used in a pot, they also can be used directly in the flowerbed.

Many wonder if ornamental varieties are edible. Yes, all peppers are edible. The only exception would be if you purchase a plant that says "for ornamental use only". That means that they have been sprayed with a chemical not registered for use on edible plants. We use no sprays here, so any pods from our plants can be eaten worry-free


Item specifics:

  • Variety: Paprika
  • Type: Foliage Plants Use: Outdoor Plants Style: Annual Size: Small
  • Brand Name: brand new
  • Model Number: SKU134851 Location: Balcony Full-bloom Period: 

How to Grow seeds:

Before sowing the first seeds and wet sand mix, on the interior for 15 days in the Sand During sand storage to regularly check and found the seeds germinate, to timely sowing. Seeding rate 200 per square meter or so. After sowing covered 0.3-0.5 cm of finesoil,germination temperature is 18-25 degrees. The increase in temperature, the seeds sprouting early, sprouting neat, can mulching or small shed, Shed pay attention to ventilation, temperature exceeds 30 degrees at noon to the appropriate shade.

Chilli Pepper Characteristics:

  • Perennation, often cultivated for annual, 20-25 cm high, much branched, leaves are alternate, ovate or oblong shape with handle, small white flowers.
  • The berries are mixed color.
  • The fruit taste very spicy,not only for sight view also for eat.
  • It is better to plant in sandy loam soil.

Growing Instructions:

It's recommended that you start these ornamental pepper seeds indoors about 7to 9 weeks before the last frost in your area,so you can transplant them outside at the appropriate time.Hot peppers can be grown in containers on the patio,and can also be grown indoors,providing they get enough natural or artificial light.

Growth Habit:

  • Germination temperature: 25℃-30℃
  • Germination: 7 to 9 days
  • Appropriate growth temperature: 15℃-35℃
  • Plant interval: 25*35cm
  • Illumination: Sunny
  • Blossom: About 70 days

Form and purposes:

  • Color: Multi color
  • Plant height: 20-25cm
  • Plant for: Flower beds, potting eating

Package Included:

  • 50 pcs Ornamental Five Colors Pepper Seeds

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