10pcs/Bag Red Cherry Bonsai Seeds

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Growing A Cherry Bonsai

A cherry bonsai tree comes from a simple cherry seed. You can order specialized seeds online or try your luck with a fresh cherry seed from your fruit. There are no special genetic modifications that are made to a seed to make it small; bonsai is a practice and not any sort of specific plant.

Cherry bonsai trees require a special bonsai soil for optimal health. It is best that beginners choose a larger pot as well. Many beginners start with a tiny pot for a tiny tree, but they are much more complicated to grow. A cherry tree would do great in a one gallon pot.

Bonsai trees are perfect for indoors, but it is still important to consider your climate as well as where it will be positioned. Cherry bonsai trees like warmth, but not overbearing heat. It is best to provide it with protection and shade. Keep it out of the sun in the hottest part of the day.

These trees enjoy both direct and indirect sunlight. Keep it out of very chilly air and direct hot sun. Over watering is a major problem for most beginners. Be sure that the soil is damp but not soaked. This will kill your tree quickly. Over watering can even make it prone to rotting.

When it gets very hot in the summer, your tree may need extra water. This is to ensure it doesn’t get parched. Cherry trees are finicky and need just the right amount of fluids. Misting the leaves will keep it healthy between watering. One important thing to note is that bonsai cherry trees do not tolerate salty water. If your water is hard, then you will need to use distilled water.

Every two years you will need to repot it and provide fresh soil. Spring is the best time to do this change. Make sure to give it shade and water during the transition period.

Regularly providing organic all-natural fertilizer is recommended. These trees can become starved and severely lack nutrients. This will result in an unsuccessful bonsai. Feed your cherry tree every two weeks during peak growth season, and then once during the fall and winter.
Developing A Strong Bonsai

The most important aspect of creating a cherry tree bonsai is the appearance. It must have a look of maturity without growing too large. Therefore, a strong trunk and strong branches are a requirement. The foliage should be lush, and a cherry tree should bloom every spring. Fruit production isn't necessary, but it is possible for the trees to produce a fruit.

This requires time. Expect your cherry tree to be perfect within a year or two. Five years is a tentative estimate for when you can expect your tree to start flourishing as a beautiful bonsai specimen.
Developing Your Cherry Tree Bonsai For A Lifetime

Most people that care for bonsai trees commit to a lifetime of effort. Your tree will stay small, but also develop character and strength. Older bonsai trees are extremely valuable and precious. With proper care it will last decades. It can be passed on to children and grandchildren. Its truly an art that will never die out, and the cherry tree is one of the most rewarding efforts in the world of bonsai development.


    Item Specifics:

    • Brand: Bonsai cherry tree seeds
    • Season of Interest: Spring Autumn
    • Soil Type: Clay, Loam, Sand
    • Bonsai Species: Prunux x yodoensis     
    • USDA Hardiness Zone (°F): 1 (< -50 °F)
    • Watering: Medium
    • Genus: Cherry     
    • Soil pH: Neutral
    • Climate: Cold, Sub-tropical, Temperate     Scientific
    • Sunlight: Partial Shade   
    • Foliage:  Deciduous
    • Full-bloom Period: Autumn
    • Type: Blooming Plants
    • Function: Air Purification
    • Classification: Canned Plant
    • Use: Indoor Plants
    • Location: Balcony
    • Size: Mini
    • Product Type: Bonsai

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